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Welcome to Wellington Farm where we make delicious marmalades and jams from tree ripened fruit that we grow on our farm in Santa Barbara.

We raise our fruit organically and we use the greatest care in each small batch we make. We have been making our wonderful jam products since 1993. Did you know the Santa Barbara Farmers' Market started in 1979 at the Santa Barbara Mission? We started selling our fresh fruit at the markets shortly after, in 1981.

Today, we are offering our traditional jams & marmalades as well as new sugar-free versions that are as tasty as our originals. Our secret ingredient is "tree-ripe". We also have special workshops for you to learn how to make your own favorites using the old-fashioned methods that we use for all of our preserve making.


When you buy our products,
not only are you getting the highest
quality of tree-ripe organic sweetness,
you are also supporting:

The Preservation of our Planet
Organic Farming
The Slow Food Movement
Local Harvesting
Sustainable Food Manufacturing
The Clean Food Movement
Natural Seasonal Agriculture
The Childhood Obesity Campaign
Eating for Health

Cat selling at the Saturday farmers market in 2003
when she was Secretary of the Board

To our dear customers for the last 23 years: we appreciate your patience as we wait to get back into the Santa Barbara Farmer's Markets. Call for free local delivery